Monday, June 8, 2009

To Insanity and Beyond!

Now, I don't know about you folks, but I have an affinity for crazy space movies. Sure, your typical space movies with aliens and rayguns and hot space babes are good. They open up a whole spectrum of advanced human possibilities and theories. But, I'm not talking about those.

I'm talking about "crazy" space movies.

I'm talking about space movies that explore the very depths of human psychology and the physical and mental effects that the infinite black void has on the mortal psyche. I'm talking about accidentally (or purposely) opening up the air-lock door to the ship and getting sucked out into the dark, cold space only to get the bends and have your insides torturously expand slowly, destroying your very soul in a matter of seconds.

I guess what prompted me to write/type this little piece up is the fact that there will be a new movie coming out starring Sam Rockwell entitled 'Moon'(set to be released 07/20/2009). No, it's not a documentary about our beloved nightly sphere that sheds light on half the Earth, cleverly narrated by David Attenborough (or Morgan Freeman or Sigourney Weaver etc.). A quick synopsis of the movie: Humans have found an efficient way of harvesting energy on the Moon and a gentile by the name of Sam Bell is nearing the end of his 3 year shift. Now, he's been alone for 3 years. So, being as this article is about "crazy space", come to your own conclusions.

Another fine piece of film that encapsulates pure solar system insanity is 'Sunshine', directed by the very talented Danny Boyle (though I've yet to see Slumdog Millionaire. Shutup). It's basically about how the sun is dying out in our near future and a team of astronauts/scientists have to fly to the sun to re-ignite it. That alone is a crazy premise! Who ever thought about re-igniting the effing sun?! Also, the cast was brilliant and very cohesive. Each actor's character had a purpose on the doomed ship and it was absolutely thrilling (despite the pace of the movie) to see things slowly fall apart. I can't say much for the end. I hated it. But the rest of the movie made up for it.

There's a ton of other movies, I'm sure, that fall into this category of "dark space movies". But, there are movies that were just completely lame. Hmmm...let's try 'Red Planet' with Val Kilmer. Or how about 'Mission to Mars' starring Tim Robbins? Horrible. HORRIBLE! But eh, Hollywood is known for spewing out more junk than good. I just won't waste my time watching 'em.

Space has infinite possibilites and ideas to explore. The psychology of space travel alone is extremely daunting and even in real life, astronauts have to do extensive psycho analysis before even stepping foot on a shuttle. I suppose that space isn't the only place where one can go beserk. You might want to go try the grim reaches of the deep sea ('The Abyss' anyone?). I guess maybe the reason why I have this appreciation for these types of movies is because space (and the deep sea, respectively) are places where humans have not fully explored. They're both mysterious areas for humans physically AND mentally. These places challenge the very being that we are and we still stay compelled and completely enthralled by the fact that we know nothing about these two areas of potential discovery. And while everybody has a positive outlook on our explorations, that maybe we'll find another planet to inhabit, I myself am more interested in what it takes for us as a race to get there. Because the one thing that nobody wants to understand is our own minds and what it would do to us (and others) if put in strenuous situations. And there's nothing more psychologically onerous than space.

Plus, it's hilarious (and sometimes really cool) when space travellers fuck up and jeapordize everything.

'Aliens' anybody?

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